A touching gesture from the Army

Dear Editor,
In a kind of big departure from the often seen VIP centric rituals & functions, the Army Military Station based at Aalo, on the auspicious occasion of the 68th Republic day, did something which came as a breeze of fresh air. Paying a befitting tribute to martyr Tape Yajo, recipient of Kirti Chakra (posthumously), the main auditorium was dedicated as Amarveer Tape Yajo Auditorium. Not only that, the Chief Guest of occasion was none other than the parents of Late Yajo who are humble villagers, who also gave away the prizes to the children of Siyom Army Public school as the day coincided as Annual day function. A brief description about the life history of Tape Yajo was presented and his supreme sacrifice for the cause of the nation was displayed for the children and parents alike through power point presentation. This gesture from the Army was very moving and it touched many hearts. And hopefully, it inspired everyone including the gen next sitting in the audience. The Brigadier and other officers without having any air about their positions, joined by the rank and file of the Army Station, played perfect host to the parents of late Yajo. In a way, the Army known otherwise for its lethal and combat characteristics, organized the whole event showing the humanitarian face of it, which was undoubtedly exemplary and they did it away from the usual elite gathering and limelight of the media.
It would not be bizarre to expect that people who are at the helm of affairs and having the wherewithal would take a cue out of the Army model of doing such exemplary social causes without shouting it from the roof top, for the larger interest of the society rather than just being a Chief guest or Special guests in festivals and functions and after that never to be seen or heard of in the practical field, leaving the common people totally gasping and exasperated, thus, depriving them of every developmental issues which is rightfully theirs. In today’s fast paced life coupled with techno induced living, almost bereft of morality and emotions, where making false promises, poor deliverance, nepotism, favoritism and mismanagement of developmental fund, has become the order of the day, the Unbiasedness and Patriotism shown by the Army has given a fillip to the concept of ‘One India’ and the ‘inclusive growth’ that we all talk about in seminars, conferences and social gatherings and which unfortunately remain confined to it.
In tandem with the zeal, enthusiasm and straightforwardness shown by the Army, if the same could be emulated by our ‘Nyigoms’ who claim themselves to be the sons of the soil, when it comes to grabbing the chair or lucrative posts, but most of whom are busy in self-aggrandizements and filling up their personal coffers by systematically looting the money meant for the citizens, our society would have been a far better place to live in today.
A big salute to Brigadier J S Budhwar, Commander 5 Infantry Brigade and his entire team in the Army Military Station Aalo for coming up with such an innovative and fantastic idea to honour our unsung but the ‘real Hero’ and the true Son of the Soil- Amarveer Tape Yajo. And a big thank you of course for taking us to a different journey altogether, though for a brief period, away from the mundane ritual of VIP culture which is so deep rooted in our society, unfortunately, with a misplaced concept.
Raja Jini, Aalo



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