Abu Tani’s speaking tree – IV

Flights Of Fantasy

[ M Panging ]

‘Come, all my sons, Where are you all? Techi, Hage, Take, Gamli, Kaling and Migom, come to me’ Abu Tani summoned his six sons.
‘I am here Abu…’ Techi replied.
‘Abu, I am here…’ Hage replied.
‘I am here Abu…’ Take replied.
‘Abu, I am here…’ Gamli replied.
‘I am here Abu…’ Kaling replied.
‘Abu, I am here…’ Migom replied.
‘My sons, how are you all? Are your lives on Earth comfortable?’ Abu Tani asked his children.
‘Abu, we all are fine. We are living comfortably on Mother Earth. We and our families are happy.’ Techi replied.
‘Abu, we have sufficient to eat; our granaries are full and our children are healthy’ Hage replied.
‘Abu, we have comforts of life like houses to live in, dresses to wear and vehicles to drive’, Take replied.
‘Abu, we are well educated; our children are going to good schools’, Gamli replied.
‘Abu, we are retaining our culture, customs and traditions that you taught us’, Kaling replied.
‘Abu, our social life is good; we have maintained good relations with our neighbours’, Migom replied.
‘Being your father, I am very happy to hear that all of you are living well on Mother Earth’ Abu Tani continued. ‘However, I have to ask you some questions.’
‘Why are so many trees being cut? Why are you killing so many animals, birds and fish? This is not the Earth Donyi Polo gave us! I have always taught you to live in consonance with nature’ Abu Tani continued.
‘If Mother Earth has given so much to us, we must care for and protect whatever grows or lives on earth’ Abu Tani continued.
‘I can also see that some of you are picking up few wrong traits like dishonesty, stealing, cheating, cunningness, arrogance etc. My advice to you all is to correct yourself and live a life of high principles’ Abu Tani continued.
‘My children, you are no less than anyone…go forth and conquer the world with wisdom, research, hard work and discipline. Show the world that the sons and daughters of Abu Tani are no less than any other human being on earth’ Abu Tani continued.
‘You all are my sons. I love all six of you equally, but I can see that few of you are picking up fights and quarrelling with each other. There may be minor differences in each of you, but always remember that you all are blood brothers. You all speak the same language and have similar customs and traditions. My advice to you is to please cooperate with each other and live in unity. Otherwise each of you will go different ways and other people will divide and use you’ Abu Tani continued.
‘Remember my children united you stand and divided you fall.’
‘Promise me, my children…’ Abu Tani urged his children.
‘As your sons and daughters, we will work hard to excel in this world and as advised by you we promise to remain united’ all six children replied in a chorus.
‘Yes sons, always remember we all are one…we are Tani!’ concluded Abu Tani. (The writer is a retired Group Captain of the Indian Air Force)




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