AITF appeals ABK, GWS to restraint on L/Siang boundary issue

ITANAGAR, May 17: Concerned over the volatile press statements from both the Adi Bane Kebang (ABK) and Galo Welfare Society (GWS) regarding the political boundary of the new Lower Siang district, the Arunachal Indigenous Tribes’ Forum (AITF) has appealed to members of both Adi and Galo community-based organizations to maintain restrain in the best interest of the state.
Stating that confrontation does not do any good to the society and poses threat to the peace and harmony of the state, AITF President, Bengia Tolum in a release on Wednesday, proposed to help both the organizations to sit across the table for hammering out a viable solution to the vexed issue.
Further, the AITF President urged the state government to come forward with a pragmatic approach on the contentious issue involving the civil society at large for an amicable solution.



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