Ali Aye Ligang celebrated with traditional fervor

RUKSIN, Feb 15: The Mising community of Oyan village in East Siang district, and Kemi-Oirmghat and Leku-Jelom villages of bordering Assam on Wednesday celebrated Ali Aye Ligang, the main agriculture-based festival of the Mising tribe with much enthusiasm.
The celebrations began with hoisting of the Ligang flag and cultural procession, followed by Taku-Kubat and paying homage to Babu Oiram Bori, the pioneer of Mising art and culture, sowing of Sali seeds, besides the traditional Gumrag dance and cultural presentations.
People from all walks of life wearing traditional attires gathered at Oiram Bori Memorial Cultural Complex and offered puja to Kine Naane for bumper harvest. They also took out a cultural procession along the National Highway-52, showcasing their traditional attires and culture.
Oyan Head Gaon Burah, Muhim Pait, Dr Robin Bori, BEO(Pasighat) Daying Pao, Donyi-Polo Tea Estate Assistant Manager, Prafulla Bori and former Union Minister Omak Apang were among various dignitaries who attended the inaugural programme of the week-long festive celebration.
At Ziro, the celebrations began with offering prayers at the traditional altar and ceremonious sowing of rice seeds to mark the beginning of the agricultural festival. This was followed by traditional dancing and singing around the altar, invoking the almighty for a bumper harvest.
Participating in the festivities, Lower Subansiri DC, Kemo Lollen exhorted the Mising community residing at Ziro to keep alive the age old Oyi-Nitom and the traditional folklores. Highlighting the similarities of the tribes under the Tani belt and the Misings, the DC emphasized on the need to establish a peaceful co-existence. Festivals should be a catalyst to unify all of us and spread brotherhood, he added.
President Ali-Aye Ligang Celebration Committee, Debananda Mili also spoke about the importance of the festival. (DIPRO)



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