An appeal

Dear Editor,
Through your esteemed daily we would like to appeal to the Chief Minister Pema Khandu to rename Indira Gandhi Park Itanagar as Techi Lama Park. In this regard, we the family member and relatives of late Techi Lama requests CM to consider our plea. Late Lama was person with strong character who achieved much success even after losing his father during early days of his life.
He started his journey as small time contractor in the year 1997 and became one of the successful entrepreneurs of the state and active participants of state politics. He became the Chairman, Arunachal Pradesh, Mineral Development & Trading Corporation Ltd (APMD & TC) from 2011 to 2015.
He had contributed a lot in the state politics, especially in formation of Pema Khandu govt. He played a major role in forming of INC Govt in the backdrop of Supreme Court verdict on 9th July, 2016 and again in the merging of Congress Govt. to PPA leaving former CM Nabam Tuki alone as Congress legislator and finally merging to BJP from PPA after temporary suspension of CM Khandu along with 6 others legislators.
On that fateful day on 2 Jan, 2017 at 4.30 am after restless political activities, being an active BJP worker, he was invited to reach Delhi for high level BJP centre -state discussion for Govt. formation programme. Late Lama started his journey for New Delhi and suddenly died in his private car at Papu Nallah while attending the party duty.
Heri Tallang, Itanagar



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  1. Editor, arunachal times…
    Why do you publish such kind of idiotic, nonsense appeal……………pliz…. dis iz state news…keep some respect for urself…….
    some other day one might appeal to rename itanagar as some thing lamanagar as he wz a gr8 person……………….the person should remember that there is separate column for daily jokes…………….

  2. Yeh arunachal times jabse start hua hai ab tak ka sabse faltu aur third class aur Sara hua appeal hai. Aise appeal karne walla ko public muh kala karke gadha main bethaake Sara itanagar main ghumaana chaiye. Saaala luuuuuuuuund. ! !

  3. Every day birth rate and death are having in every countries, not only in india/arunachal. So, how CM will rename the parks/places to dedicated meaningless fellows as like U and Me. Plzz….plzz… don’t appeal such irriteting kind as post on times.

  4. Faltu, nonsense claims……. He contributed himself and formation of state govt, not for the state or pple of Arunachal… So plz plz do not appeal such an irriteting things…

  5. Faltu, nonsense claims……. He contributed himself and formation state govt, not for the state or pple of Arunachal… So plz plz do not appeal such an irriteting things…

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