An open letter to Chief Minister

Dear Editor,
I am one of the aspiring applicants who have applied for the benefits to be provided under the Chief Minister’s Agriculture Mechanization Programme (CMAMP), launched by the Government of Arunachal Pradesh. This scheme initiated under the aegis of our Chief Minister provides financial assistance to the small and marginal farmers every year since its inception in the year 2012. Under this scheme, the Agriculture department, Government of Arunachal Pradesh provides 30% (approx.) subsidy for various agricultural machineries like Tractors, Power Tillers, Rice Mills, Pumping sets to the farmers who are selected for availing this scheme.
Normally, after the selection process of the eligible beneficiaries is completed, the agricultural machineries applied by the applicant beneficiaries are issued during the month of May of each year, i.e just before the season for sowing/harvesting season of the fields.
This year, to our utter dismay and shock, we are yet to receive the timely assistance as promised under this scheme by our Chief Minister. We, the applicants are really in a baffled situation as there is no news/status of the said scheme and moreover the right season for sowing and harvesting of our fields is almost over and we are left with no clear status from the Department of Agriculture, Government of Arunachal Pradesh.
Therefore, through this letter we seek immediate intervention from our Chief Minister, Pema Khandu and we request him to issue strict direction to the Department of Agriculture, Government of A.P for expeditious disposal of our grievance and provide us with the financial assistance as promised under the aforesaid scheme.
A farmer



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