An open letter

Dear Editor,
For the past few issues, I have been reading about the protest of the GSU and other organizations of Galo dominated areas for the fulfillment of their demands. I believe that most of the protestors are local inhabitants who are familiar with the problems of the area and making genuine demands so that their inconvenience can be minimized.
It has pained me to see that apart from so called assurances there is no positive response or action from the government. It pains me to see the common man protesting giving up their time and energy. It has pained me more to see that Hon.CM Pema Khandu has not made a single statement in response. It is understandable that he being the Chief of the state is a busy man. But he should never forget that his primary duty is towards the citizens of the state and not to his cabinet or MLAs. Instead of constituting committees he should visit the ground and take stock of the real problem, meet the common man and bring out time bound realistic solutions. Committees may make many reports but it may be arbitrary and depend on the whims and fancies of people in power. Having said this it is the attitude of Galo legislatures that has pained me the most. When people are protesting in the streets their primary concern seems to be to attend gala dinners .Where is their ethical and moral responsibility? It is my earnest request to them that for once leave aside individual aspirations and profit, work for the betterment of the community and the state as a whole. Many of them have been elected consecutively yet what proof they have to show for their contribution to the community? This is a time to do something right. Take a collective decision for the benefit of the region and its people. Finally as an afterthought I would like to remind the people that the real power is in your hands. Vote for the right person, or do not vote at all.
Frustrated Citizen

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