ANSU demands sanitation facility in school

ITANAGAR, Jan 9: Apart from shortage of teachers, some of the common problems of schools in the state are lack of sufficient infrastructure and basic sanitation facilities and the Govt. Secondary School, Tarasso was no exception. The school lacked proper sanitation facilities with no separate toilets for boys and girls. There is only one toilet in the school, which is commonly shared by more than 400 pupils and staff of the school, informed the All Nyishi Students’ Union (ANSU).
An ANSU team, which visited the school to take stock of the various facilities available in the school, also informed that the school was facing serious threat of caving in anytime. Flooding from the nearby river during rainy season erodes not only the school’s premises but also causes damages to the school, ANSU said and urged the concern authority to take protective measures and construct a retaining wall.
ANSU has demanded construction of separate toilets and bathrooms for both boys and girls under Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan within the next two months.



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