Appreciable step

The teacher absentee in interior areas is the biggest hurdle towards giving quality education to the children. Arunachal has been battling this serious problem for the last many years and are yet to find solution to it. Calls for stringent action against such erring teachers are being repeatedly made by Panchayat leaders and NGOs. However action has been fewer and less as it is considered that most of these erring officials have the blessing of powerful people.
Therefore in this context, the drastic action initiated by Kurung Kumey Deputy Commissioner Kangki Darang against absentee SSA staff is praiseworthy. As per the report, DC Darang suspended 17 teaching and non-teaching staff posted under SSA in various educational institutions of Damin and Parsi-Parlo Administrative Circles for remaining absent from their duty for a very long period. This is a very good step and everyone should support the move of DC. Hopefully others will emulate and take similar action against the absentee teachers. More such steps are required to set alright the faltering education scenario of the state. Everyone one is aware about the pathetic condition of education sector in the state. The government run schools are performing poorly and it is matter of deep concern. Majority of Arunachalee students goes to the government school and their performance is directly related to the future of state. The education department in coordination with district administration will have to work closely to improve the quality of education in the government schools.



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