Avoid violence

The West Bengal politics is taking an ugly turn. For decades violence has marred the intense political rivalry between TMC and Left Parties. Even as people thought that political violence is finally over, again it is cropping up. The headquarters of the Bharatiya Janata Party in Kolkata was attacked on Tuesday shortly after the arrest of TMC MP Sudip Bandyopadhyay. Stones were pelted at the office headquarters, after which the protesters were chased out and the area was cordoned off by the police. Union Minister and BJP MP Babul Supriyo alleged that his house too was attacked by TMC workers.
BJP has accused the Trinamool Congress of doing negative politics and resorting to violence when its leaders are caught in corruption cases. It said TMC government in West Bengal keeps silent on corruption cases of party leaders and workers and if Centre proceeds against them as per law then it makes hue and cry. On their part TMC has denied any involvement in the violence and instead alleged that BJP is carrying out vendetta politics against the party. Both the parties should avoid violence at any cost. It does not help anyone and only vitiates the atmosphere. The centre should also avoid using state machineries like CBI to target the political opponents. There is need for both TMC and BJP to calm down their respective cadres. Political battle should be fought politically and not violently.



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