Be aware public

Dear Editor,
Through your esteemed daily I would like to share the problems being faced by the people of Arunachal. The supreme court restored Congress government led former CM Nabam Tuki on 13th July 2016. After few days CM Pema Khandu formed new government with 43 MLAs. After couple of months they jumped to PPA and still they are running here and there to secure their chair. Now only 2 (two) years left to complete the 5 (five) years tenure, but still no any development in AP. All the departments are like rivers of winter season. May be we would have witnessed something if Nabam Tuki had continued as CM after Congress government was restored by the Supreme Court.
MLAs are playing with each other for their position and are forgetting to take care of their respective constituencies. All the promises made during election remains unfulfilled.
But some of MLAs will try to impress the public during remaining two year but people should be aware as they can repeat the same things in future. And some MLAs are jumping this party to that party to secure the party ticket for next election. But I would like to request the party head be aware they can cheat in same way to your party in future.
I just want to request the government to develop and change our state to better place and not to change the party day by day. Kindly change your mind for development not change the party. Hope for the best in days to come. Let’s keep fingers crossed for the court hearing on 23 Jan regarding petition filed by APCC.
Manjing Arangham,



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