Bike lifting incidents on the rise in Pasighat

PASIGHAT, Mar 20: There has been an increase in the incidents of motorbike lifting in Pasighat town of late.
Over half a dozen of motorbikes have been stolen from different parts of the township during the last couple of months.
The lifters are even daring to steal motorbikes from Bakin Pertin Hospital premises, defying police vigil and CCTV camera surveillance.
Recently, a Pulsar bike (AR-09 A/ 5660), owned by one Nongki Tamuk was stolen from Pasighat General Hospital premises. A case has been registered by the Arunachal Pradesh Police, Pasighat unit following complaint from the owner.
The local public and sufferers allege dereliction of duty by police on duty in the hospital.
“There is a police out post inside the general hospital, but the police are hardly seen performing their duties. On many occasions, the IRBn personnel on duty are found wandering outside the hospital premise in evening hours,
which is encouraging the thieves to carry out their activities without any fear and hesitation,” alleged Talung Tamuk, a local, who has also suffered at the hands of the thieves.
Moreover, the CCTV cameras in the hospital do not function during night hours.
According to Joint Director of Health Services Dr K Lego, low voltage, inclement weather condition and lack of fund for maintenance were some of the main reasons for non-functioning of the CCTV cameras during night hours.



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