Boulevard of Colours celebrates with Gyan Mission

Naharlagun, Feb 15: ‘Got no wings, got no parachute, but I am gonna fly higher’, sang K 4 Kekho to the enticed audience. In a time where we are wondering at the direction of our now generation, the attitude of the young musicians was a refreshing act. The organisers of the Boulevard of Colours requested the artistes of BoC to be a part of the Valentine’s Day celebration at Gyan Mission, Itanagar and Oju Welfare Mission, Naharlagun and they enthusiastically consented.
The crew visited Gyan Mission and interacted with the children and exchanged gifts. The crew along with the artistes than visited the Oju Welfare Mission Orphanage in Naharlagun. The artistes played for the children and the faculty members of the mission. While Geli Kamki and Liyir Karso enthralled the audience with their melodious voice, Rajesh Pabin impressed them with his dance skills. Kekho too stole the audience’s heart with his performance and tracks. He also gave a preview of his un-released single ‘My teeth lil bit yellow’.
The highlight of the day was the discovery of dancers from amongst the children at mission who were than invited to participate in the Dance Battle Jam. It may be mentioned here that these artistes have been participating enthusiastically in other such endeavors too. They were recently part of the ‘Clean Your Stage’ along with other musicians.
The 2nd edition of Boulevard of Colours – a two day Culture & Music Street Pageant organized by the Centre for Cultural & Research Documentation (CCRD), in collaboration with The Department of Art & Culture, Government of Arunachal Pradesh is going to be held along the Power House Road, from the tri-junction of Sango Hotel to tri-junction on G- Extension Road, Naharlagun from 5 PM to 8 PM on February 18 and 19 this year.
The BoC, which began last year, is an endeavor to involve the residents of Naharlagun in the Festival of Arunachal celebrations and to showcase the cultural diversity and performing arts of the tribes in the state. It is also emerging as a coveted space for creative expression by young artistes, musicians, authors and poets of the state.



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