Dear Editor,
This is in response to the Readers’ Forum article titled “Confused regarding selection method” in connection with Teachers’ Interview under Directorate of Secondary Education, which was published in today’s edition of your daily. The confusion is regarding the selection of candidates for viva in ratio of 1:3. In this regard we would like lay down following clarification.
The number of post advertised during Sept’2015 was 177, which was subsequently enhanced to 293 before the declaration of result. The enhancement was due to retirement, death, resignation, etc since advertisement in Sept’2015.The same was notified vide no. ED2/DSE/290/APT/2015 Pt. Dated Itanagar the 06th Dec’2016 before declaration of the result.
Now, in TGT (Accountancy), the vacancy advertised was 5, which was later enhanced and notified to 8 before declaration of results. Against 8 vacant posts of TGT (Accountancy), the required number of candidates needed for calling in viva-voce in ratio of 1:3 is 24. However, candidates who appeared the written exam in TGT (Accountancy) and manage to qualify for viva-voce by securing minimum 33% of marks is only 7 candidates. Failed candidates securing less than 33% marks cannot be included in list of selected candidates for viva, which was clearly mentioned in the Advertisement No. ED2/DSE/290/APT/2015 Dated Itanagar the 10th Sept’2015 at SI. No. IV. This explains why 1:3 ratio could not be maintained and less number of candidates i.e. only 7 have to be called for viva voice in TGT (Accountancy). There are more similar cases, where the numbers of qualified candidates are less than actual candidates required for viva voice. In Physics and Mathematics, the number of qualified candidates is even less than the actual vacant posts.
Similarly in PGT (English), the number of posts advertised was 5 which were later enhanced to 9 due to retirement, death, resignation, etc. The number of PGT (English) candidates required for viva-voce in ratio of 1:3 is 27. However, 28 candidates instead of 27 have been called for interview. The reason is that 2 candidates have secured equal marks and therefore both have to be included in the list of 1:3 selected candidates for viva. There are more similar cases of even more than 2 candidates securing the same marks.
Gania Leij
Director of Secondary Education,
Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh



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  1. Some unqualified candidate who does not obtain requisite mark I.e less than 45% in bachelor degree, earlier rejected but later got paid and now will get appointment letter after viva voice. Gyana sir, u know and we know that there is open corrupt practice by you in the Deptt. Still publishing clarification for clean public image doesn’t suit you. More revealation of will soon come to your office in letter. Be a honest officer for the people of state not for your self interest.

  2. meant for Secondary level.I never heard that there is commerce stream in secondary in entire AP. Really confuse this recrruitment process as there is no subject (Accountancy)in secondary level.

  3. The education Dept is the backbone of our younger generation… If selection process is fair and deserving candidate gets the chance than it is very good. But if undeserving candidate got selected than may God save our states future….

  4. Hope deptt, conducts recruitment free and fair manner.. this time candidates are more vigiliant and haveneye on you all..

  5. Atleast should have followed proper recruitment rules and norms.even though 2 or more candidates secures equal marks in written examination, 1:3 ratio should be strictly followed for calling candidates in viva voice. In such situation, where owing to equal marks no. Of candidate is more than actual suppose to be no. Firstly age factor should be given prefernce and next merit in academic examinations..

  6. Too much discretionary, vacant owing to retirement, death and any other should have been conduced(interview) later . Anyway maap kardo education deptt ko, coz this is the last chance for spinning out gold out of hay, next time APPSC.

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