Collapsing bridge and dirty water supply

Dear Editor,
I feel so disappointed while seeing the efforts of our Govt departments in restoration works.
Barapani Bridge is deteriorating and is at the verge of collapsing. Why govt is taking it so lightly? Everyday a person crossing it goes through a mental trauma and its becoming the reason for road rage as everyone want to cross it as fast as possible. Restore it or completely ban it to save life.
Executive Engineer (PHED & WS) has declared that restoration work at Nyorch water supply line will go upto winter, and this is creating panic among the denizens of Naharlagun Town.
We really appreciate the DA for arranging alternate source through water tankers, but at the same would like to bring their kind attention towards the quality of water that is being supplied every alternate day.
I challenge the DA to use the same water by themselves. It’s not even fit to be used in toilet and it can cause waterborne diseases. There must be some way to restore the water supply line at earliest, if they are really willing to.
May be use cranes, temporary bamboo bridges, flexible Pipes which can be placed over hanging bridge near helipad.
My suggestions may seems amateur but remember where there is a will, there is always a way and Govt have resources.
Concern Citizen




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