CoSAAP launches non cooperation movement, AAPSU questions demands

ITANAGAR, Mar 20: The indefinite non-cooperation movement in the form of ‘pen and tool’ down strike by state government employees under the banner of the Confederation of Service Associations of Arunachal Pradesh (CoSAAP) in protest against non-fulfillment of its demands began on Monday.
The CoSAAP claimed that state government employees throughout the state are participating in the agitation and desisted from performing duties on the first day.
“There were efforts from the CMO and Chief Secretary to negotiate, but the central executive committee of CoSAAP refused the offer since negotiations with the Chief Secretary and Deputy Chief Minister, so far, bore no fruits,” stated CoSAAP in a release.
“The employees will continue the indefinite non-cooperation movement until the demands are considered,” the CoSAAP said while lamenting the CM’s alleged refusal to give an appointment to discuss the issues in the last seven to eight months.
The demands of the CoSAAP include implementation of FR-56 (retirement age at 60 years), withdrawal/modification of NOC system in matters of promotion and retirement, grant of Transport Allowance, implementation of Medical Attendance Rules, grant of Children Education Allowance, implementation of All India LTC Rules, restoration of Lateral Entry system in APCS (EG) as per original Rules and payment of Adhoc Bonus to non-gazette employees.
However, the All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) expressed its dismay over the indefinite strike launched by CoSAAP and vehemently opposed its demand for retirement age at 60.
“Any complacency on part of the state government on the matter pertaining to enhancement of retirement age to 60 years would be viewed seriously by the apex students’ body of the state”, the Union warned.
‘AAPSU is of the firm belief that with increased age limit from the existing one, a state of stagnation will be encouraged and that shall deprive the opportunities and aspirations of many younger generation,’ AAPSU President Hawa Bagang said.
“It is unbecoming of a reputed and matured organization like CoSAAP to indulge in pen and tools down strike every now and then, that too at the end of the financial year, bringing untold miseries to the common public,” Bagang added.
General Secretary Tobom Dai also opined that the demand for withdrawal of NOC system in matters of promotion and retirement as demanded by CoSAAP is a ridiculous act.
Dai further requested the members of CoSAAP to “lead by example in bringing the much desired social change, rather than demanding for scrapping the laid down system that is foreboding and act as a deterrent to individual service holders engaging in any unlawful activities.”



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