Decadal Nyishi Day celebrated

ITANAGAR, Apr 20: The reports of celebration of the Decadal Nyishi Day in the Nyishi dominated districts are still pouring in.
Attending the celebration at Palin on Wednesday, local MLA Takam Pario advised the Nyishi brethrens to lead a disciplined life and work hard for the uplift of the Nyishi community in particular and state as whole.
More than 20 Rwhkam Pada and cultural troupes presented different colourful dances on the occasion. The celebration was also attended by NES district unit Vice President Tatung Taying and block level NES executive members of Kra Daadi district, government officials, Panchayat leaders, gaon burahs, students and the general public.
Earlier, Kra-Daadi district unit NES chairman Biri Son hoisted the NES flag.
At Pakke-Kessang, speaking on the occasion, Gogoi Natung asked the Nyishi people to be united and disciplined in every approach.
Among others, Er Tayom Tok, Chairman, XII-Pake-Kessang Intellectual Forum, former ZPM B C Tok and Chuma Nabam, NES Assistant Secretary Sports & Youth Affairs also spoke on the occasion. East Kameng ZPC Mering Natung also attended the celebration.
The organizing committee also posthumously felicitated, late Dera Natung for his pioneering role for social transformation. Colourful cultural programme and games and sports were also part of the programme, which was attended by Panchayat leaders, gaon burahs and general public.
At Seppa, the East Kameng district unit of Nyishi Elite Society celebrated Decadal Nyishi Day at Seppa general ground.
Attending the celebration, East Kameng Social Welfare and Cultural Organization (EKSWCO) Chairman Khya Safar Pao called upon the Nyishi people to maintain the dignity of the community and abolish fine/ revenge system.
Cultural programme, tree plantation and friendly football match between NES XI and DC XI were highlights of the celebration. DC XI won the football match. General public from all walks of life, including gaon burahs/ buris, students and government officers attended the celebration.
At Koloriang, Kurung Kumey district unit NES Vice-Chairman, Tarh Chakum hoisted the NES flag and outlined the three decades of struggle of Nyishis for changing the alien word Dafla to Nyishi. For the first time, Nyishi Day was celebrated in district and grass root levels, he said and stressed that celebrations should be continued at Koloriang and block levels.
Attending the celebration, one of the prominent and senior citizens of Koloriang, Bengia Tado narrated the Nyishi movement for change of nomenclature.
Among others, ZPM of Upper Koloriang, Chello Tagar and ZPM of Lower Koloriang, Nangram Niani also spoke on the occasion. Rwkham Pada, cultural and archery competitions were also organized as part of the celebration.
At Raga, the celebration started with hoisting of flag by block NES Chairman Tania Milli. This was followed by flag song with mass participation of Panchayat leaders, gaon burahs, local public leaders, senior citizens and executive members of Raga Area Employees Welfare Association.
At Daporijo, the Nyishi Day was celebrated at Ligu with hoisting of flag by Upper Subansiri district unit NES chairman, Jumni Ligu. Narrating the Nyishi unification movement and changing of nomenclature from Dafla to Nyishi, Jumni appealed to the gathering to work in unison to make the Nyishi community vibrant and strong. He also asked the public to maintain communal harmony. The Nyishi Day was also celebrated at Gepen, Puchi-Geko, in presence of Panchayat leaders, students, goan burahs and others.



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