Develop coordination

The report of two ULFA cadres getting killed in an encounter at Miao under Changlang district should alarm the security agencies. Police also arrested six more cadres during the operation. ULFA is increasingly making their presence felt in the districts bordering the Upper Assam region. As per the intelligence source cadres of united liberation front of Assam have started to take refuge in the deep forest inside Arunachal. They sneak into Arunachal taking advantage of thick forest.
Government of Arunachal will have to take the help of their Assam counterpart to secure the Assam-Arunachal boundary. The movement of militant groups will have to be checked. They should not be allowed to make inroad in the state. Already various factions of underground group NSCN are operating in troubled districts of Tirap, Changlang and Longding. If ULFA develop coordination with these groups in Arunachal it will further worsen the situation. State police should improve the intelligence gathering. Besides coordinating with Assam police they will also have to work closely with army and other paramilitary forces present in the state.



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