Disburse stipend

Dear Editor,
Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I would like to draw the attention of concerned authorities pertaining to non-disbursement national scholarships -Post/Pre Matric Scholarship.
Many deprived students like me, have placed our grievances toward concerned authorities but till date no response has come whereas it is the duty of concerned authorities of State and Central Govt. Why do we need to seek help of student organizations in order to carry out solutions? There are govt employees who are paid for the job and their duty is to carry out the work.
Everyone of us know that the new financial year has already begun and June is approaching now.
Many students have sought immediate disbursement of scholarships so that they could buy book but now examination is almost ending. There are some students who are striving hard to achieve goal but due to lack of financial support which is a stumbling block, they are not able to perform unlike spoon fed students, whose monthly pocket-money is more than that of yearly scholarships.
Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I would like to seek help from the fourth estate, which is the ray of hope for deprived society-one who plays crucial role in setting up of egalitarian society. Since, media plays the role of catalyst in deliverance of justice, let’s justice prevail.
Therefore, I would like to earnestly request the concerned authorities to kindly look into the matter seriously.
Jumge pale,
Kargu Kardi Students Union (KKSU)

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