Discourse bats for core value of Nyokum Yullo

ITANAGAR, Feb 15: ‘The core value of Nyokum Yullo should not be compromised and should instead be preserved by every member of the community’, the house resolved after an intellectual discourse on “Nyokum Yullo: Change and Continuity”, which was held at Dera Natung Government College Itanagar, recently.
The discourse was part of the Nyokum Yullo Golden Jubilee Celebration 2017, organised by the celebration committee. The house also viewed that effective measures should be taken to preserve, propagate and promote true and core values of Nyokum Yullo festival.
The intellectual discourse discouraged the deviation of Nyokum festivity by gambling, dice and excessive drinking. It also viewed that steps need to be taken to rationalize the cost of traditional dresses, ornaments, etc.
Stressing on core value of the culture, PHED Minister Bamang Felix said, “We need to educate the people of the community to imbibe values of Nyokum in their thoughts and actions. Nyokum Yullo should not be celebrated just to slaughter mithuns and indulge in gambling and drinking”.
State Chief Information Commissioner Dr Joram Begi , who is also the Chairman of the Celebration Committee highlighted the objectives of the discourse and explained the reason for choosing the theme, “Nyokum Yullo: Change and Continuity”. Dr Begi also observed that “few members from the community who embraced other religions are reluctant to participate in the festival”.
In his deliberation, Planning Secretary Dr Joram Beda exhorted that the community should strive to evolve to give a modern touch to make Nyokum Yullo celebration more enchanting and attractive, while adding that generation gap, change in attitude and approach between the old and the youth need to be sensibly balanced.
Literary Activities Convenor of the Celebration, Joram Muthu dwelt on the evolution of Nyokum Yullo.
Among others, Swami Vishweshananda Secretary RKM, Father Cyriac, Director, DBYC, Taw Azu, Taring Mama and Tanya Agu attended as resource persons.



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