Disturbing news

The report that students of Government Polytechnic College, Roing boycotted the semester examination alleging non-completion of syllabus due to shortage of teachers is matter of deep concern. The news not only embarrasses the department of higher and technical education but also raises many serious questions about its functioning. In the last few years number of Polytechnic and Degree colleges has come up in almost every districts of the state.
The colleges have been opened without any proper infrastructure and required man power. Showing utter lack of professionalism, the education department has completely messed up everything. There seems to have no proper planning and everything has been done haphazardly. Sadly politics played major part at the time of establishment of these new colleges. The education department is now finding it extremely difficult to manage the newly opened colleges due to shortage of manpower. The problem will manifold in coming days as department is planning to start some more colleges. Still there is time to set things in order. Instead of opening so many colleges, the government must concrete in improving the existing colleges and emphasize on giving quality education. Situation like the one witnessed at Government Polytechnic College, Roing will be become common thing if education department does not do course correction. In the name of equity development, the education sector should not be destroyed. It’s time education department look into the issue so that future of our students remains safe and secure.



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