Domkhrong Hydro Project to be ready by 2018

ITANAGAR, May 18: Legislative Assembly Speaker T N Thongdok visited the Domkhrong Hydro Project at Samphung village.
The project which was started in the 1995-96 is yet to be commissioned due to various technical problems. The project will now be commissioned by March 2018.
The Speaker has decided to install new machines and to bring major changes in civil portions to make the project viable and functional. He also apprised Chief Minister Pema Khandu about the project during his last visit to Kalaktang.
Visiting Lungdur, Betcheling, Boha, Angkaling, Waizer and Dengzi, he told the locals that the agriculture and horticulture sectors are the best way of livelihood, while adding that the growers of large cardamom, pine apple, orange and kiwi in Kalaktang area will be getting all the possible help from his end and from the government.
He also emphasised on organic farming, which he said is the most hygienic way of farming. Besides agriculture and horticulture, he said that the education and health sectors are the top most priority of government.
Meanwhile, he also flagged-off an ambulance under the BADP Scheme for CHC Kalaktang on May 17. The Speaker called for its proper usage, while also emphasizing on proper sanitation and to avoid drinking after and while driving.



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