Don’t squander the opportunities

Dear Editor,
Dear all HM’s, HMLA’s of Arunachal Pradesh creating frequent political turmoil through divisive agenda for certain post and that too which has term for merely around 2 years is harmful and regressive in all counts. This is complete wastage of precious time and resources that should have been invested into productive and progressive pursuits.
It needs to be realized that this state has one of the greatest potential in terms of all round progress and it is truly a blessed land. Also, it needs to be known that, polity, governance is one sphere where biggest of creative innovations are required which is evident from the political chaos unfolding all across the world due to need of a system that is universally accommodating and progressive to take whole class of people harmoniously all along. There are severe limitations in merely changing the leadership in a party without effectively getting into matters like creation of economic opportunities and creative legislations that can drive and cement all-around progress to the society. Please realize the fact that, with the kind of position, power and resources at your disposal, you all have blessed opportunity to transform the society, empower lives of millions and change the course of history but, you all are squandering the lifetime opportunity year after year, term after term.
Tagam Mibang



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