Dree Beach Volleyball Tournament begins

[ Yachang Tacho ]
ZIRO, May 18: Holiday Time has defeated the Lets Volleyball Club by 15-14, 10-15, 15-11 in the inaugural match of the Dree Beach Volleyball Tournament played at Government Higher Secondary School Ziro ground on Thursday.
In the second match, Papho Club defeated Sojang Lapang Sports Club by 14-15, 15-6, 15-12. Veteran Club, Ziro beat Fusion Club Ziro by 15-7, 15-6 in the third match.
The fourth match of the day was played between Knight Riders Club Ziro (KRCZ) and DMV Club (DMVC) of Group-B, in which KRCZ defeated DMVC by 15-6, 15-7.
As many as eight teams are taking part in the tournament, which has been divided into two groups. Holiday Time, Lets Volleyball Club, Fusion Club Ziro and Veteran Club Ziro are in Group-A, while Papho Club, Sojang Lapang Sports Club, DMV Club and Knight Riders Club Ziro are in Group-B.
The final match of the tournament will be played on May 21 next.
The Central Dree Festival Committee Ziro (CDFC) has introduced the first ever ‘3 A Side Dree Sea Beach Volleyball Tournament’ from this year, with the aim to widen the scope for more participation in celebration and also to groom players for such competitions. Though beach sand is not available in Ziro, CDFC has managed sand from Yazali, 35 km away from here and developed an imitated ground of a beach.
Earlier, the tournament was kicked off by CDFC assistant secretary general Subu Grayu. He appreciated CDFC’s games and sports department under T T Razu, chief games and sports secretary, for recognizing this new game as part of Dree festival Golden Jubilee celebration.
Grayu also informed that henceforth, the Dree Sea Beach Volleyball Tournament will become a compulsory part of Dree sports in the near future.



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