Equal distribution of teachers

Dear Editor,
The recent resolution of Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly on equitable distribution of teachers is a welcome step. For many years, the needy people of the remote areas have been voicing for posting of adequate teachers. Better late than never. The government has taken notice of the serious problem. In fact, teachers of the government schools are today one of the most highly paid yet one of the most under-utilized sections of employees due to reasons rightly identified by the AP Legislative Assembly. If implemented, it will be fulfillment of the longstanding aspiration of the students and their parents.
It is unfortunate that, in spite of thousands of teachers on pay-roll, the students of interior areas are still deprived due to imbalanced posting of teachers. Massive enhancement of their salaries as per successive CPC recommendations has not yielded the desired result. Also, the grant of several incentives is yet to boost the work culture. The fact that, the teachers of the Govt. schools themselves prefer the private schools for education of their children speaks volume about the issue. Recent research has shown that, even the people of lower income groups are impelled to keep their children in private schools due to unsatisfactory functioning of govt. schools in many areas. Only an estimated 20-25 % of teachers are working in the rural schools. And this small percentage of sincere teachers is overworked. Lack of teachers in remote areas is one of the main reasons for continuous migration of people from rural to urban areas.
It is hoped, the much desired balanced distribution and optimal utilization of teachers will be a reality after implementation of the resolution.



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