Equal pay for equal work

Dear Editor,
I am just an ordinary guy employed as a contractual staff serving my people with utmost sense of responsibility and dedication since ages. And believe me , even today, such people really do exist who execute their works with a zeal without expecting anything in return until he realized that he is being “overused” and “overlooked “.
One thing is clear and loud here, when a contractual staff is employed in any dept under GoAP. He/she is bounded by so called ‘Contract ‘ which is sufficed by numerous No. Like No provisions for leave, No Allowances, No DA etc. and finally he/she has to be settled with consolidated but meager salary even without a right to claim for regularisation which is the hallmark of contractual job.
Why so much disparity prevails between contractual and regular staff in terms of pay and benefits when such employees have gone through same stages of recruitment process from written and personal interview like that of regular staff, when such staff possesses similar qualifications and desirable skills like that of regular staff, when such staff executes their works at par with their counterparts with similar working norms?
Is there anything else that we have to prove to our administration?
It’s time the govt need to consider seriously towards equal pay for equal work along with usual no pay, no work policy.
A neglected C/staff



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