Etor festival celebration

RUKSIN, May 18: Etor festival of the Adis is celebrated with traditional fervor for bumper harvest of the crops and well being of livestock. The four-day festive celebration, which started on May 15 last has come to an end this evening.
The community, during the festive occasion fence their villages with bamboos to prevent their livestock from straying in the crop fields.
The villagers also perform Etor Delong in the respective community halls reverberating Etor Aabang.
East-Arunachal MP, Ninong Ering joined the Etor festivities at Rayang village in Ruksin circle. The MP in his message appealed to the community members to maintain unity and peace for development of the locality.
“Community festivals are medium for peaceful coexistence among the people of different ethnic groups in the state”, Ering maintained.



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