Fear of third world war

Dear Editor,
The heads of many big nations hardly fall in line. A sense of hostility and enmity always haunts them. So, each nation is expanding its nuclear capabilities — some are doing secretly while others openly. Usually, the principle reasons for the differences and mutual uneasiness is due to “ego” which often gives way to distrust. With the help of advanced science, we have made destructive weapons, but we have failed to build trust, love and harmony among nations and peoples for peaceful co-existence.
North Korea, which is a major threat to South Korea and Japan, has now become a global concern. Its reckless and repeated launching of ballistic missiles has quite filled us all with apprehensions of an imminent “third world war”.
Just this Sunday North Korea fired yet another large-size heavy nuclear warhead that flew 700 kms into the far sea. Its supreme leader Kim Jong-un knows no laws. He is headstrong and reckless. ‘Nuclear Non-Proliferation laws’ are non-existent for him. With the crazy zest, he orders his meek subordinates to make missiles.
Now all eyes are on the USA which itself is domineering. Well, President Donald Trump, who is reputed for being short-tempered, could take any steps that might further provoke Kim Jong. What will happen if “ego” surpasses the “good sense”? Kim Jong can go insane any time and order for missile strikes against XYZ. What will happen if hot-tempered Donald Trump tries to match up with Kim’s recklessness?
Our peaceful existence on earth is now literally hanging on the whims of a few egoistic and crazy leaders.
Salil Gewali,



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