Food industry

Dear Editor,
Currently it is quite unfortunate and difficult to get realistic estimates of the potential growth of the global nutraceutical and functional food industry for 2025 or 2050; since no white paper or projection report or authenticated industrial global report are easily available on the topic. Without fully funded projects, no institute, organization or individual is also interested in spending considerable time in collecting base data and research necessary for making meaningful projection for 2025 and 2050 for the said emergent industries. However, based on ground realities, although nutraceutical and functional food industry has immense potential; but does not have the financial opportunity and global, regional or local support to grow considerably to replace or develop into a major industry to either replace or become a viable alternative to the pharmaceutical as well as conventional food industry globally. The global nutraceutical and functional food industry is going to continue to grow with the conventional challenges of an emergent are for the next decade or so before it has a strong global presence. The industry is expected to increase its percentage of global share in the form of global niche market by 2030. It is certainly going to expand by 2050; but by what precise percentage needs serious research and investigation.
Saikat Kumar Basu



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