GAF comes down heavily on state govt

ITANAGAR, Jul 16: The Green Arunachal Foundation (GAF) has hit out at the state government under Chief Minister Pema Khandu for its apathy towards the people and alleged that the state government was not well prepared to deal with the monsoon fury.
“It is condemnable that the government was not proactive in its schemes and plans to be well prepared to tackle the adversities faced due to the torrential monsoon rains. Most of the residential colonies of Capital Complex are facing acute drinking water scarcity due to damaged water pipe lines”, the GAF said in a release.
It also said that the concerned department has “totally failed” to provide the required quantity of water due to lack of sufficient water tankers.
“A single tanker for two colonies or so would seldom solve the problem. If the state government sincerely wants to provide the requisite water, it can very well borrow the required number of tankers from neighbouring Assam and press them into service,” stated the GAF.
While coming down heavily on the state government for the traffic congestion, the GAF also suggested measures to address traffic problems of the Capital Complex.
“It would have been more meaningful if the state government had worked out a plan to ease the traffic jam by constructing the road from Papu Nallah, running through Donyi Polo School and opening up at 0-Point crossing. Also, the road running through Jullang is in a pathetic condition and has not been properly maintained. The Chief Minister and the Governor must realize that people of the state are unable to charter helicopters like them in cases of emergencies,” the GAF added.
The foundation also expressed serious concern over deteriorating law and order in Capital Complex.
“There are people who work the night shift. Today, people get robbed and beaten up the moment they come out of their homes or offices at night. It is the duty of the government to provide security to the citizens,” said GAF.
The GAF appealed to the state government “to maintain a holistic approach towards the problems faced by the people, instead of wasting time in party meetings and not-so important tours at the expense of the state coffers.”




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