Give BRO and GREF due credit

The killing of three civilians working as labourers with General Reserve Engineer Force (GREF) in Jammu and Kashmir during a terrorist attack is shocking and extremely condemnable. As per the report a group of terrorists attacked a GREF camp in Batal area of Akhnoor sector in Jammu district along the Line of Control in the wee hours on Monday. The incident has drawn sharp reaction. Led by Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti the state government has strongly condemned the incident. For years Jammu and Kashmir along with some states of North East region has been battling serious insurgency problem.
But attacks on organizations like GREF and BRO has been fewer. These people are engaged in constructing road in the most hostile region of the country. Apart from the danger they face from insurgency group, the difficult terrain also pose serious threat to their life. Most of the hilly region of North East and J&K has got road connectivity due to dedication and sacrifice of the BRO and GREF. Therefore it’s extremely heinous on the part of terrorist to kill those innocent labourers who were busy working to make life better for the people of Kashmir. These terrorists claim to be fighting for Kashmiri people but how do they explain their act of killing those who were engaged in making life better for the very people for whom they claim to be fighting for. It’s a really sad day for the whole nation. Also the Government of India needs to give same status to workers of BRO and GREF, the one enjoyed by armed personnel. These people also fight all odds and work for the nation. Let us respect their sacrifice and give them all the honour that they deserve.

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