Governor calls upon young generation to imbibe essence of traditions

ITANAGAR, Feb 27: Governor of Arunachal Pradesh J P Rajkhowa has called upon the young generation to imbibe the essence of customs and traditions of the tribes and expressed hope that the indigenous movement will facilitate the people of the state to live in harmony and strengthen the spirit of Team Arunachal.
He said this during the 12th Meder Nello Foundation Day celebration-cum-4th General Conference of Meder Nello Council (MNC) held at Ziro on Feb 27.
Conveying his good wishes to the members of the Meder Nello, the Governor accompanied by First Lady of the state, Rita Rajkhowa emphasized that new generations needs to imbibe the essence of customs and traditions of the tribes and the best place for them to socialize or learn is the prayer halls.
Recalling 15th–16th century Assamese polymath, Srimanta Sankardev, a saint-scholar, poet, playwright, social-religious reformer and a figure per excellence in the cultural and religious history of Assam and his Sattras, which continue to be essential socio-religious institutions, the Governor stressed on the importance of such prayer halls, like Meder Nello, Kargu Gamgi, Gangging and Nyider Namlo for sustaining faith movement. He added that it can be a centre of education and art & culture. Moreover, it will be a place for discourses on traditional practices.
While paying tributes to Golgi Bote Late Talom Rukbo, founder of the indigenous faith movement in the state and Late Nani Tachang and Late Tage Dibo for their pioneering contribution towards faith movement, the Governor reiterated on promotion of indigenous language and development of scripts to preserve the cultural heritage. He also suggested for amendment of some archaic rituals and march forward with time.
The Sun is the symbol of strength, nourishment and life giving force similarly, the moon also gives light, balance and harmony for the living beings. If these power elements were not there, there will be no life, plants or water. Therefore, it is a very significant religion, he said adding that all religion must be treated equally as it reinforces the distinctive Indian cultural characteristic which always has been Unity in Diversity and Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – the whole world is a family. Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) member and former Director, Higher & Technical Education, Dr. Joram Begi said that all the Tani groups may differ in rituals and traditions but core values remains the same. He advocated that with time this group also must change for inclusion of younger generation and also do away with public sacrifices as done by many other religions.
Meder Nello Council, chief patron and Commissioner GA, DA, Hage Kojeen said that Donyi Polo, the oldest faith tradition, is gradually diminishing with the emergence of modernity, due to lack of proper organizational support, state patronage, adequate resources and infrastructure such as organized prayer centre, documentation of rich oral heritage etc. Sharing his experience in Puducherry, where there is full-fledged dedicated official institution funded and promoted by the state government for constructions and maintenance of religious centres and for religion celebration, Kojeen called for state assistance in the adopted line.
On the occasion, Meder Nello Council Chairman, Bamin Hinda also submitted a memorandum for grant of financial assistance for construction of traditional cultural hall at Danii-Pillo Ground, Hapoli.
Earlier, the Governor inaugurated the two-day celebration by unfurling the prayer flag, which was followed by mass prayer song and rituals.
Ziro MLA, Tage Taki, Dr. Ligu Tacho, President, Indigenous Faith and Cultural Society of Arunachal Pradesh and MNC Chief Advisor Lod Kojeen along with representatives of 13 Meder Nellos of Itanagar and Ziro, guests and invitees were also present on the occasion.
Later in the day, the Governor saw the progress of the ALG and was briefed by the construction and district officials, wherein he advised them to expedite the project. (PRO to Governor)



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