Harsh analogy

Dear Editor,
While I am big fan of the writings of Madam Tongam Rina’s column of the ‘Ringside View’ of the Arunachal Times, especially on her crusade against corruptions and other evils eating our State by the corrupt Politicians and their powerful Government Servants and their Corporate World, her views on a highly sanctified Constitutional Body such as the Arunachal Pradesh Service Commission as being a Lesser Evil than the Government Department is bit too harsh and sweeping generalization. Although Tongam is entitled to take any view on anything, but the analogy drawn between APPSC and the Government Department is bit too incomparable. As we all know, the one man Magisterial enquiry followed by an investigation by SIT has proven nothing against any member of the Honourable Commission, therefore, to say or level the Commission as a lesser evil is bit hurting not only to the moral of the thousands of educated unemployed Youths who look up to the Commission as the last hope for free and fair recruitment but also for the newly appointed team of Chairman and the Members who have nothing to do with the alleged clerical errors committed by the lower rungs of the Commission.
We must also bear in mind that our APPSC has done a laudable job in the past and our APCS Officials, many of whom are now nominated IAS and placed as Secretaries, Commissioners, Directors and Deputy Commissioner are because of the Arunachal Public Service Commission’s endeavour of selecting the best and the most meritorious.
I further appeal the media to go after the SIT and the Government for early disclosure of their findings in the much alleged Question Paper Leakage Episode and action taken thereof by the Government.
Mizum Lollen

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