Highlighting Policy Inconsistencies in the Department of Education

Dear Editor,
With reference to the above cited, I would like to highlight some of the policy inconstancies being practiced by the Department of Education.
First of all, the new state government under the dynamic young Chief Minister Pema Khanduiji had announced for the conduct of time bound DPC twice every year and the Secretary Education also followed up with lots of verbal and written directions but what happened at the end of the day is that it was all mere hogwash, the people at the helm of affairs are actually not at all interested to conduct the DPC because they are not going to benefit from it directly. They are the least bothered if some poor teachers are waiting for their DPC at the fag end of their career after serving many years in the department. It is a slap on the face of the teachers especially those rearing in one or two years from now that their DPCs are being inordinately delayed even though the officials of the department had boasted of completing the formalities within the month of March 2017.Many have pointed fingers at a certain big official who has sat over the file and not allowed it to move ahead for consideration.
Secondly, the illegal appointment of many engineers in the department of Education has opened a new Pandora’s box for the authorities as these very people (appointed via backdoor system) have galvanized various pressure groups to fight for their cause. If at all the Engineering wing is needed then the people of Arunachal Pradesh require one good engineering wing manned by competent people who are appointed on merit basis and not on some pick and choose basis.
I agree with AAPSU that Engineering Wing should not be abolished but what about the quality of Engineers recruited to man the department. AAPSU should have taken up the matter a long time ago when many years from now decisions were being made to wind up these Engineering wings.
Thirdly, many officials are serving and getting promotion with fake degrees from unrecognized universities. In the near future, the officials at the helms at present will be held accountable for any future consequences. All the documents must be thoroughly verified before a person is appointed or promoted.
Who is responsible for this mess? And who is now going to tackle this situation? The persons at the helm of affairs in the department if he or she is unwilling to undertake the task, then he or she should voluntarily quit so that a more capable person is appointed as Secretary or Commissioner or Ministers.
I hope my suggestions are taken in a more positive light and something really fruitful comes out of it.
A Frustrated Teacher



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