Hydro power in Arunachal

Dear Editor,
I applaud the very lucid and visionary letter by Marli Kamki, Secretary Debate S&S, AAPSU in your esteemed newspaper which was published on Jan 10.
The Hydro potential of the State is immense and should be developed for the benefit of our people and its future. However, exploitative profiteering in the name of developing the hydro power should not be permitted. As per the National Electricity Plan 2012, prepared by the Central Electricity Authority, Ministry of Power, Govt of India, the norms for manpower requirement for new Hydro Power Plant is 10 persons per MW. As per this NEP 2012, the total requirement of manpower was estimated at 16.60 lakhs for the whole country. By this standard, the 600 MW Kameng Hydro Electric Project should be having total manpower of 6000 persons ( technical & non-technical) and the 100 MW Pare Hydro Plant should be having manpower of 1000 persons of various posts. Imagine the employment which could have been given to our youths if all our rivers are wise fully developed. The present 3000 unemployed Engineers and few lakhs of unemployed graduate/under graduate, matriculate/non matriculate youths of our State could be gainfully employed. Others who have business capability could be busy economically earning to look after their family and community.
Unfortunately, what I learned from friends who work in both NHPC and NEEPCO is the opposite. Very few APST engineers and others are employed in these departments and all levels of employment upto 80 percent are from outside. AAPSU should highlight this issue with our leaders so that justice is given to our people. The highly beneficial hydro power development such as in Sikkim and Bhutan should be implemented in our State. The Government of India departments (PSU) such as NHPC and NEEPCO should have their main offices in Arunachal. For a start, NEEPCO should shift its HQ to Itanagar, like our State Secretariat and the consequent accessibility to our people for development. I have learned there is no NEEPCO project in Meghalaya. Unless this is done, the exploitative deprivation of our people will continue. The present State Government who has the immense popular support of the people should take this urgent initiative and fulfil the dream of our late beloved Dorjee Khandu. The hydro power requirement in India will grow very fast as the country is fast developing her economy.
Disenlu Rangmang,
DU, New Delhi



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  1. instead of a mega dam, numerous micro dam is beneficial for the environment, ecology, as well as for economy and employment.

  2. hyro project and tourism should be given higest priority in arunachal pradesh if one really want to develop the state. state has huge potential in this two area. state should use its full potential in hytro and starts exporting eneryg. this would not only enhanced the state economy but also contribute to whole country.

  3. Please understand that our tribal boys are not fit for employment. They’re arrogant, disobedient, indiscipline, irresponsible etc…. As a matter of fact, there is no dearth of job for civil engineers in the state but it is a matter of employability of these young engineers.

  4. Without tapping the hydro power, arunachal pradesh Will never develop. It’s a simple logic “no energy no work , no work no development “. So am requesting CM PK and his team mates to initiate the hydro power project of, West Siang & Siang District as early as possible and Arunachal in general .

  5. It is quite true but the state has lacking visionary peoples and no section of people are there to understand the drawbacks because I am working in Mega Dam of Bhutan as an engineer.

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