Itanagar Traffic Wardens launch ‘whistle down’ strike

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Jan 9: Demanding for enhancement of salary, regularization of jobs, promotional opportunities along with job security to all wardens and incentive, the Itanagar Traffic Wardens (ITW) launched indefinite ‘whistle down’ strike at IG Park Tennis Court, Itanagar from Monday onwards.
Raising slogans against the authority for allegedly failing to fulfil their demands for which they have been fighting for the past six years, protesters threatened to intensify the agitation till their demands are met.
President, ITW, Tarak Habing Charom said that Capital Complex is the only place where the traffic wardens were getting Rs. 7000 per month and despite their service to the city the structure of salary remains the same without any job security. Stating that there must be equal status and equal salary, Charom further asserted that “we seek equal pay for equal job so that we can get rid of the sufferings.” He added that their job is very tough but authority is keeping silent on the demand placed by them.
“It is very unfortunate that despite our sincere services we are getting salary less than the traffic wardens in Assam and other parts of the country. We also have family and children to look after and what is the meaning of doing a job which cannot fulfil our daily needs,” Charom lamented while urging the state government to stop exploiting traffic wardens.
Secretary, ITW, Loma Tapa said, “We are demanding the government to understand our pain and suffering. They should acknowledge the service we made towards the development of society.” He said successive governments had exploited them and made hollow promises.
“The state government is not paying any heed towards our genuine demands and had turned a deaf ear, which ultimately compelled us to hold these mass agitations,” added Tapa. Vowing not to return to their duty until their demands are met, the ITW further threatened to go on continued indefinite strike if the demands were not fulfilled.



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  1. pay enhancement is genuine demand,but the demand made by them regarding job regularization is not that much genuine ,as it completely depend on state govt and it was clearly stated while recruiting them that their job is not regular and they have to be work as accordingly.after knowing everything and demanding on later stage is not acceptable.

  2. They are doing nothing 7000 is enough, regularisation without adopting proper codal formalities will create another legal problem

  3. Govt should work as per as the norms.
    I noticed that many ladies and gents have worked in interior area like Vijay Nagar in Changlang Dist,Taskin in Upper Subansari dist, Mago and timbu in Tawang dist for not less then 25-28 years in some department but still they didn’t demand for regular jobs to the govt. n neither the govt gave them.

  4. Comment:7000 is really too meagre amount. it should be enhanced since they are doing real job.. without them traffic chaos at capital would be unimaginable. of course police traffic team is there but due to shortage of manpower in police dept the traffic wardens are doing commendable job.

    • demand is genuine….govt. must fulfill it,,,we saw their hard work n provides safety to citizens complaining without any difficulties….#ITW my moral support is with u …..

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