Late Tarh Peeju to get national bravery award

ITANAGAR, Jan 11: Late Tarh Peeju has been selected, Posthumously, for Indian Council for Child Welfare’s National Bravery Award (Bharat Award) 2016.
On May 19, 2016, nine year old Peeju drowned while saving her cousins Miss Phassang Marry and Tarh Charu when they attempted to cross Pachin River in Naharlagun.
Peeju jumped into the turbulent river and dragged both Marry and Charu to safety. She was swept away by the river and her body was later recovered at downstream.
Born to father Tarh Kama and mother Tarh Yaku, brave heart Peeju was studying in Class IV at Alphabet Public School, Nirjuli. The award will be presented by Prime Minister of India in New Delhi.



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  1. In India why the award is awarded only after when people sacrificed their lives why not when people alive.? Take the example of late DySP Bomto Kamdak who has been awarded the highest state award so called Arunachal Ratna it is too only after he had made the supreme sacrifice of his live. Now this child is also going to award the highest award but she will not receive this award instead her parents will do… What is the use of award when the candidate whom award is awarded has no any knowledge of his deed.. what I meant is that if the government really want to motivate the people then they should award the prize when people is alive not after his/her death..

    • Iam master karto ete . students of class 11
      Sir,very appreciated with your comments
      What ever you say is totally right.

  2. I know this little girl when I was in college, her home was beside my hostel. I salute you little girl and pray for your soul rest in peace . May God bless your family.

  3. Indeed great service to the mankind. She deserve award for her heroic deed. May god bless her soul and rest in peace.

  4. I salute the brave child lt.Tarj peeju who sacrifice her life for other, God jesus will take her soul in heaven.

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