Laudable initiative

As per report the Arunachal Pradesh stall in the vibrant Gujarat summit is drawing massive crowd. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself visited the stall and appreciated it. Arunachal has put up stall with the theme of Organic -Agri, Horticulture, Heritage, Textile and Culture. The state government also signed a MoU with Dairy Development Board (NDDB) based at Anand, Gujarat. NDDB was set up in 1965 with the basic objective of replicating the famous Amul model throughout the country.
The NDDB will carry out detail survey about diary potential in the state. They will also provide technical support in terms of establishment of dairy infrastructure, cattle feed and mineral mixture plant etc. The state government has taken a good step by deciding to participate in the summit. If Arunachal has to truly progress, the government will have to look for various source to generate own revenue and stop dependency on central fund. The best ways to generate own source will be to look for private investment. The occasion like Vibrant Gujarat summit where hundreds of world class companies are participating provides an opportunity to showcase what Arunachal can offer to them. Government of Arunachal should look out for more such opportunities in future. The people also need to change their outlook. For private investment to come, the citizen will have to play a crucial role. They need to create a healthy atmosphere. Unless there is friendly atmosphere no private companies will invest in the state. For their part government should make sure that locals are not neglected by these private companies. One of the major complaints of project affected/land donor of various hydropower projects is the utter neglect of locals by the hydropower developers. If the locales are not made stakeholders they will definitely turn hostile.

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