Leaders stay in the heart of public

Dear Editor,
Every parent loves their children but not every grown up child loves back their parent. But when they do, that’s a very beautiful phenomenon. It’s very consoling to learn that the new state govt. has recently, formally acknowledged the works and contributions of late Bakin Pertin towards the people of the state.
Here in Arunachal, Dr. BR Ambedkar and late Pertin(among a few more others ) always seemed to be belonging to the same category of the “forgotten heroes”. Ambedkar as the chief architect of the Indian constitution bestowed on us, as Scheduled Tribes citizen of India, much of the privileges, rights and protection. Born himself into a lower class dalit Hindu family and suffering the pain of discrimination and subjugation, his commitment to uplift the lower class sections of our country is undeniable, unflinching. However, unlike other parts of the country, for us, he is just a ‘Doctor’. We even completely forgot to pay our homage. Not even a single Primary school or atleast a Law college bears the name of the person who had been our guardian, our liberator.
However, it’s immensely pleasant to know that as a mark of respect to the life and works of Late Bakin Pertin towards the people of the state, the new state cabinet under the leadership of Pema Khandu has approved of the renaming of the Pasighat General Hospital after him. Politicians come and go, but leaders stay in the hearts of people forever. Hope under the leadership of Khandu, Arunachal enters into a newer age of progress.



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