Let the best candidate get selected

Dear Editor,
Firstly thanks to department of Secondary education for clarifying the confusion of 1:3 ratio issue of PGT/TGT exam. It is my personal experience that APST interview Board members try to show favor to candidate of their own community. They also try to argue with the candidate of other tribe so that his/her impression is spoiled. Then being local they also try to show attitude to the candidates. So I appeal to the concerned department to engage Non-APST as interview member for viva-voice of PGT/TGT.
One wrong teacher can spoil the whole life of student, hence we hope that department will not play with the life of student and selection will be only on the basis of merit without any kind of interference.
Taru Tapa
Rakap colony, NLG.



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  1. If possible Board member should be Appoint other community too. Adi Community should be less in Board member. we are not against any particular community but Those Adi Officer prefer Thier tribe more in Education Department make us disgust.

    • why you targetting particular tribe?we just hope that deserving candidate must be recruited irrespective of tribes.

  2. Arunachal is heaven for non tribal, in every dept we will find new appointed non tribal and private school and business only want non tribal

  3. Game plan has been already worked out. Whatever is to come out in result is already being decided. Paper work is just a showoff and facewash to the students community and people of state.

  4. Truly said,in some teacher interviews some non APST candidates are selected who were unable to speak or read English.

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