Let us take pledge against bandh culture

After a long gap capital administration took a firm step against bandh culture by arresting the bandh callers. Capital DM remanded 12-day judicial custody to the president and general secretary of an organization for calling bandh in capital complex. Earlier DM had declared the banh illegal and warned of strict action in this regard. Such action will send out a strong message to the potential bandh callers.
Government should continue to take strict action against the bandh callers. There is no place for bandh culture in a civilized society. It is an out-dated method and is greatest threat to development. States like West Bengal and Assam have suffered a lot due to it. Bandh culture almost destroyed these states. People of Arunachal should learn some lesson from the story of Assam and West Bengal. It’s time the citizen of Arunachal especially young generations shun bandh culture and embrace development. There are several other democratic methods to fight for the justice. Bandh culture only pains the ordinary citizens and create obstacle in the path of development.



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