Letter to APPSC

Dear Editor,
Through your esteemed daily, we would like to pen down an open letter to the Chairman APPSC. With the news of appointment of Tajom Taloh as the chairman, Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission in December 2016, the unemployed youth of the state and job aspirants were overjoyed, as he being a person of clean image and integrity beyond doubt, it was expected that he would bring back the old lost glory of the commission.
Further with the cabinet decision of all recruitments to be conducted through the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission, it was expected the nepotism and money power in recruitment process would come to a standstill.
However, with the announcement of the final result of the Arunachal Pradesh Engineering Service(AE/Civil 2016-17), it is quite shocking. The reasons are as follows:-
1. The commission called 102 candidates in the ratio 1:3 to fill up 34 vacant A.E. civil post in the viva interview. But, after viva they declared the result of only 30 post (i.e. 29 post for APST+1 Post for physically challenged). When we enquired about remaining four post, they told that the remaining four seat was for PwD(Person With Disability), as no PwD candidates qualified the written exam, the remaining four post will be carried forward for PwD candidates in the next exam. Our question is why did they absorb other candidates in place of PwD candidates in earlier recruitments and why did they altered this time?? If that is the case they should recall earlier candidates who were absorbed in place of PwD in earlier recruitments; OR they should declare the remaining four posts as per earlier norms like in 2014.
2. If they had to appoint only 30 candidates (i.e. 29 post for APST+1 Post for physically challenged) they should have called 87(29X3) candidates plus 1 PwD i.e total 88 candidates for viva, why excess 14 candidates were called for viva?
3. Some brilliant candidates have been selected, whose talent is beyond doubt and no one have the right to question their credential. However, there are some candidates in the selected list who were not bright during their school and college life. Now our question is, if such candidate has changed drastically and performed well in the exam that too in their first attempt, then they are pure genius and every technical student should pray them daily and treat them as their GOD. But it is any technical students’ guess that changing drastically without the basic concept is not anyone’s cup of tea. So are they pure genius or Arunachalee Ruby Rais?
4. Some candidate filed RTI and IPOs on 10.03.2017 for merit list of 102 viva qualified candidates and individual marks. But even after a week, the commission is yet to give a reply. Now if they can declare result of viva voce within two hours of completing the viva i.e they had already prepared merit list of 102 candidates, why they are taking too long to give the merit list of all 102 candidates.
5. With due regards to the Incumbent Chairman, APPSC, whose integrity is beyond doubt, we request him to introspect this whole recruitment process. The written examinations were conducted before his appointment and like earlier history of paper leakage during APCS exams, this time also it cannot be ruled out since come selected candidates’ credential are really doubtful.
Some candidates
who did not qualify

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