Major decisions

The state cabinet which meet on Thursday took two major decisions which can have massive socio-economic impact in the state. First, the decision to implement 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC) recommendation in Arunachal Pradesh is fraught with uncertainty. State government is already gripping with massive fund crisis. The implementation of pay commission will cost state exchequer dearly. Government Spokesperson Passang Dorjee Sona informed that the implementation of 7th CPC would add financial liability of Rs 423.27 crore for 2016-17 to the state exchequer.
The question arises how state government will manage the burden of implementing CPC. No doubt the government of Arunachal is bound to implement pay commission recommendation but its potential impact on other development aspects of state worries the people. Government will have to seriously start looking for other source of revenue and stop depending only on central fund. Also the decision of state cabinet to relax criteria of 90:10 ratio for APST and Non-APST to 50:50 ratio basis for recruiting Science and Mathematics will definitely evoke reaction. Again here though the decision may have been taken in the best interest of state it might not go down well with the people. Unemployment is a serious issue and therefore there will be resistance against such move. Already All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union has opposed the move and has asked govt to recall the decision. State government will have to tread carefully as it is a sensitive issue.



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