Make plan

The recent sanctioning of the first phase of Itanagar-Banderdea 4 lane highway project is a major boost towards improving the road connectivity within capital complex. The coming up of 4 lane will led to improve in road standard and will also help to project Itanagar as a true cosmopolitan capital. But more efforts are needed to further better the road communication network in capital region. Sector roads have seen some improvement but arterial road need attention of state government.
The announcement of Itanagar MLA Techi Kaso to repair Chimpu-Jully-Papu Nalah should help in this direction. If properly developed, this stretch will immensely help to de-congest the NH 415. Government should explore more such routes to ensure free flow of traffic. There is also urgent need to start planning for construction of ring road. Right now capital region is totally dependent on NH 415 and if anything goes wrong, it puts a brake to life. Therefore ring road and bypass should be explored in more serious way. With each passing year the population of vehicle is increasing. If the situation remains same in another 5 year the NH 415 will completely choke and will not be in a position to carry on the load. State government should pull up sock and start making plan for the future.



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