Mere symbolism is not the solution

Dear Editor,
Kudos to Dhurjati Mukherjee for the article titled “Dalit sufferings”(14 July).
Rightly has he stated that mere symbolism changes absolutely nothing. What really matters is nothing but action on the ground.
There was a period in 2012-2013 when our President(Pratibha Patil), Speaker and Opposition leader in the Lok Sabha(Meira Kumar and Sushma Swaraj respectively), Delhi Chief Minister(Sheila Dixit) and Chairperson of reigning UPA as well as President of the ruling Congress(Sonia Gandhi) — all were women and obviously New Delhi residents. Did the existence of such 5 powerful women at the top reduce the atrocities against women of all hues in New Delhi and India? What about the record of West Bengal, Rajasthan or Tamil Nadu in the sector of security of women despite witnessing Chief Minister of fairer sex? So not symbolism, one and only strict enforcement of law and order and awarding of exemplary punishment to the culprits can improve the scenario.
But unfortunately the concerned authorities, instead of performing their Constitutional duties, prefer to the play to the gallery so as to act as “messiah” of certain section! Instead of seeking unconditional apology from the Muslims for dastardly role in Godhra pogrom or punishing all the culprits behind the mayhem, A.P.J.Abdul Kalam was nominated as President! Still such “empowerment of Muslims” are failing to save the lives of ever-increasing number of Mohammad Akhlaques and Junaids! Instead of severely condemning or expelling the Union minister from the Government of “Good Days” for comparing the tragic murder of Dalit children in Haryana with “death of dogs”; the concerned authority is nominating a candidate as President by zealously focusing on his Dalit credentials! Had the Presidentship of K.R.Narayanan change the fortune of the Dalits? Not a bit. So, not mere symbolism; but only sincere effort, equal opportunities and non-discrimination can uplift certain communities including the Dalits.
Kajal Chatterjee,




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