Mizoram GSDP declined during 2015-16

Aizawl, Mar 20 (PTI) The share of agriculture and allied services in the Mizoram economy (GSDP)during 2015-16 declined to 18.75 per cent from 19.15 per cent in the previous year, according to the state Economic Survey.
The economic survey 2016-17 was tabled in the state Assembly by finance minister Lalsawta today.
The Economic Survey pointed out that with the livelihood of about 60 per cent of the population dependent on agriculture and allied activities.
It said that services of tertiary sector continued to dominate the economy by contributing 55.64 per cent to the total Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) in 2015-16 by continuing to be the main growth driver of the economy.
The industry sector, comprising, industry manufacturing, mining and quarrying contributed 25.61 per cent during 2015-16, the Economic Survey said, adding that the main driving force of the sector were electricity, cooking gas, water supply and other utility services that contributed 12.53 per cent.
“The state economy (GSDP) is estimated to grow at about 9.18 per cent during 2015-16 while the national economy at 7.6 per cent during the same year and the state economy was projected to grow at 9.06 per cent for the year 2016-17,” the Survey added.



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