Motivate people to start their own enterprise: DC

HAYULIANG, Mar 20: Anjaw Deputy Commissioner, M Riba urged all line departments to motivate people and change their mindset by providing technical and motivational support to start their own enterprise.
She said this while addressing a Scientific Advisory Committee meeting held at Hayuliang on Wednesday last, which was attended by ADC In-charge, CO Chaglagam, DVO, HDO, DFDO and Branch Manager SBI Hayuliang.
The DC also asked the KVK and line departments to select villages like Paya, Glatonglat and Chingwinty as model villages for showcasing latest technology in farming, with the objective to deliver benefits to all the sections of the society. She also called on the KVK and Horticulture Department to promote floriculture on commercial basis and develop the district as the export hub of cut-flower in the years to come.
Anjaw KVK Senior Scientist and Head, Dr Manish Kanwat in his address said that KVK Anjaw has established the cybernetic cell for the welfare of farming community, and briefed about the importance of horticulture-based farming system for sustainable livelihood. He further stressed on the need to establish good nursery for growing and supplying quality free planting material to farmers.



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