NABARD launches water conservation campaign

ITANAGAR, Mar 20: The NABARD has decided to launch a major water campaign during the current year, covering around 1,00,000 villages in vulnerable/ water stressed areas and more specifically where the ground water is over exploited.
The decision comes on the heels of a similar campaign undertaken last year
which covered some 40,000 villages and received encouraging response at the field level. Since NABARD has been implementing large number of watershed development projects in various states, the important learning and successfully demonstrated local technologies for efficient conservation and management of water resources and promotion of climate resilient agriculture through community involvement, will be one of the key inputs to sensitize the rural community during the campaign.
The campaign would essentially focus on creating awareness among the rural community about the methods of water conservation, preservation and its efficient utilization at various levels using modern technologies like micro irrigation (more crop per drop), traditional water management practices, adopting improved package of agronomic practices, etc. As a part of the campaign, area specific contents covering different water management practices applicable to local conditions for various agro climatic regions, with emphasis on community participation are being developed.



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