National Reading Month

ITANAGAR, Jul 15: Heeding to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call to ‘make India a land of wisdom and knowledge’, the Department of Public Libraries, Government of Arunachal Pradesh has conducted a reading cum art competition as a part of the ongoing National Reading Month (June 19 to July 18) celebrations.
Young children from about a dozen schools of Capital Complex enthusiastically took part in the event, organized at the premises of the State Central Library here on Friday.
The Prime Minister while launching the National Reading Day – Reading Month celebration at Kochi in Kerala on June 19 last has entrusted the PN Panicker Foundation with the responsibility of networking with all public libraries, schools, civil society organizations, educational institutions, private sector entities and various government agencies towards achieving the goal of turning India into a total literate and reading nation.
The 19th of June has been observed as the Reading Day by the Government of Kerala for the past 22 years and with this launch, the day will be observed nationally from now on. It will also have a target of making India a literate and a reading nation by the year 2022.
PN Panicker Foundation, while inviting all stakeholders to be a partner in this initiative said, both print and digital reading are immensely important to transforming India into a knowledge economy, capable of leading the world into the next era of innovation. Reading habit helps in developing conversational abilities, improving focus, learning to listen, boosting creative spirit, increasing brain power, reducing stress and it is vital for human development.
During Friday’s art competition, the participants were given a piece of small write-up and asked to read it attentively to build a concept of intended art work in their mind and accordingly, draw a natural landscape.
At the end, the first, second and third position holders – Vasundhara Buragohain of VKV Vivek Vihar, Likha Teyi of GHSS Itanagar and Rosemoyee Bhuyan of VKV Chimpu – were awarded cash prizes of Rs 5000, 3000 and 2000 respectively. All other participants were given away consolation prizes as well as certificates of participation.
The prizes were presented by Director of Public Libraries, Jotom Borang, in presence of DLIO Y Kena and junior librarians BB Lal and Kamal Nath Dey, among others.




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