New round of battle

The political battle between Congress and BJP on Wednesday reached another new level. Congress vice-president Rahul during a rally at Mehsana in Gujarat alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi received money from Sahara and Birla groups as Gujarat Chief Minister in 2013. BJP immediately thrashed the allegation saying they are aimed at diverting attention from the alleged involvement of Congressmen in VVIP chopper scam.
Both the sides continued to indulge in political slugfest throughout the day. The issue is expected to dominate public and political discourse for the next few days. Though BJP dismissed the allegation out-rightly but there is no harm in investigating the allegation. As per the report in national media, income tax department conducted raids in various offices of Birla and Sahara and seized materials in which name of PM Modi allegedly came up. Rahul Gandhi has made a serious allegation of corruption and it has potential to dent the image of PM. Though BJP do not take Mr Gandhi seriously but considering the political nature of India his allegation might have some kind of impact. Therefore before giving initiative to Congress, government should consider probing the charge.

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